The beer garden is designed so that anyone who comes to visit, can have a good time with his family or friends, good food, entertainment, comfort, games, swimming, picnics, green areas and as you know, a refreshing beer. Visit and enjoy!

Barbecue area

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A separate section for you and your family. Enjoy a selected gastronomy and a sector with more privacy, so you can, for example, prepare yourself your roast (for which will have a grill), but with the Biergarten at hand to purchase as many beers you want.


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Exquisite dishes of German cuisine prepared especially for you. When you visit us you will have several tasty options to enjoy, and you can accompany your meal with a glass of Tauss beer for a pleasant and relaxing moment in a comfortable environment.

Green areas

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We have extensive green areas for walking or for children to get distracted and play during your stay in our Biergarten. We invite you to enjoy nature and beautiful scenery of the valley.


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You can bring whatever you want to relax. We have the necessary space, with a spectacular view while enjoying a delicious craft beer.


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To cool off on hot summer days and relax in the pleasant climate of this area of ​​the fifth region. We have a large pool for adults plus two children's pools. You can make sure all family members will be refreshed.